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NJFPA 2018 Annual Conference
Friday, March 9th
Crowne Plaza, Princeton NJ

NJFPA's 2018 Annual Conference takes place on Friday, March 9th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Princeton, New Jersey. Each year, the presentations at the Annual Conference represent the best of our industry and the business community. It's a chance to absorb new information and strategize for the year ahead.

In addition to the education and networking opportunities, the annual conference hosts a robust exhibit hall, expected to draw over 40 suppliers and service providers.

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We have been members of the NJFPA for over 40 years and have benefited greatly from the many valuable services it has provided our company, namely: as our advocate in the Statehouse in Trenton; as a great networking resource with fellow food processors and suppliers; and as an educator of our employees with its many informative programs.”

~ Dimitri Pappas, Clement Pappas and Company

Membership in NJFPA is an incredibly efficient way to meet, and network with the key players in the NJ food industry.

~ Tom Mangus, Campbell Soup Company

Involvement in the New Jersey Food Processors Association has been very advantageous to my organization. I have made many friends and gained knowledge regarding new processing trends, vendor relationships and best practices in the industry.

~ Sam Pipitone, F&S Produce Company, Inc.

As a small Food Processor, we cannot begin to list the virtues of our membership in the NJFPA, and the networking benefits we have derived. Membership in the NJFPA is the best gift you can give your company - no matter how large or small your company may be! With the challenges we face today - membership is a must!

~ Pearl Giordano, Limpert Brothers, Inc.

Over the past 35 years as a Plant Manager for three food processors, the relationships developed while being a member of the NJFPA have been an extremely helpful and rewarding experience.

~ Cliff Johnson, Surfside Products, LLC

As a member of the NJFPA and a trusted partner, I have grown professionally with the best business practices shared by all, and my business has grown significantly due to the contacts I have made.

~ Stephen J. Kiszely, Delaware Valley Packaging Group

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