Join the New Jersey Food Processors Association

Since 1934, the New Jersey Food Processors Association has been committed to improving and sustaining the state's thriving food industry by promoting best practices, hosting networking events, disseminating important information and serving as a helpful source for education and training.

The NJFPA -- which is currently expanding its reach to Pennsylvania and New York-based companies that do business in NJ -- plays a crucial role in the success of the food industry across the region - but it can't exist without the participation of its members.

Consider joining the NJFPA this year in order to take advantage of the many benefits afforded to members, and to help ensure the existence of the association for years to come.

As a member, you can enjoy:

• Participation in industry roundtables
• Connection to contacts that can help you work through challenging questions or tough issues
• Online educational and networking resources, including a website and monthly newsletters
• Members-only discounts on operational expenses commonly incurred by food processors 
• Networking opportunities that give you the chance to land new deals
• Discounted invitations to events like NJFPA’s Annual Conference  

Here's Frank Catalana (Cumberland Dairy) sharing his view of the value of a NJFPA membership.


Help do your part to ensure a thriving food processing industry in the state for years to come. 


Dues are:

Food Processor: $400 (large volume), $200 (small volume)
Associate Member $400 (serving the industry)