HR Corner: Top 5 HR Risks - #1 Employee Retention

Overcoming the Top 5 HR Risks: #1 Employee Retention

Jeff Agranoff, HR Consulting Principal, Grassi Advisors & Accountants

#1. Employee Retention
Your business is your long-term priority, but have you considered what keeps your employees connected or disconnected from your organization? Most likely, it is employee culture – or the lack thereof. Employees stay when they like who they work with, are treated well and feel part of the organization’s mission.

As important as culture is, it is not something many employers purposely set out to create. But it should be. Culture is shaped by a purposeful tone set at the top and is evidenced by resulting employee behavior. Ask yourself objectively: are my key employees living the core values of our firm or veering away from the culture we want to maintain?

An effective HR department will be monitoring and living out the desired culture along with you. If you don’t have an HR department, a core group of employees can be designated to monitor and promote it.

A positive work culture can be fostered in many ways, such as creating opportunities for employee bonding and facilitating ample communication between leadership and staff. Executing this bonding and communication has become more challenging during the COVID-19 crisis, but it is even more essential to think outside the box and keep employees connected as the workforce operates remotely.

Make sure the communication goes both down and up the chain of command. Employees will not feel as tied to the organization if they are only being talked at. Give them channels to communicate with firm leadership, which can also provide you with some of the most important insights into what is going right or wrong in your office culture.

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