HR Corner: Top 5 HR Risks - #3 Work-Life Integration

Overcoming the Top 5 HR Risks: #3 Work-Life Integration

Jeff Agranoff, HR Consulting Principal, Grassi Advisors & Accountants

#3 Work-Life Integration
In today’s stressful and fast-paced existence, employees may find value in getting paid less if it means they can better balance their lives in and out of the office. Offering part-time or flex options to employees in this situation can sometimes mean the difference between retaining a key employee or losing them to a more flexible employer.

Flex options can include variable days, customized hours, telecommuting options and sabbaticals (during off-peak seasons). Many employees will not choose these flex options, however, if they think doing so will affect their ability to reach their goals or if they deem reduced hours incompatible with their current workloads. If you want to genuinely offer flex options to avoid employee burnout and gain a competitive edge, you need to give employees the resources, support and clear guidelines to help them succeed in and out of the workplace. In turn, employees need to be accountable to goals and deadlines.

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