Recap: 2022 State of the State of NJ Manufacturing

Recap: 2022 State of the State of NJ Manufacturing

NJMEP and NJBIA completely filled the George Washington Room of Patriots Theatre at their annual State of the State event. But even a room that full only represented 2% of the manufacturing companies in NJ. (- NJMEP) Manufacturing is alive and well in NJ and its members are passionate about living and working in NJ and making NJ a better place to do business. 

The State of the State was not just a photo-op meet and greet, manufacturers took the stage and voiced real frustrations and stories of challenges they have faced. Hard questions were asked of both lawmakers in attendance and the media who report on these issues emphasizing the real offers coming in from other states and the urgency manufacturers faced to make decisions for their companies.

Some of the common themes and selected resources:


  • Building a pipeline of talent, (NJFPA
  • Childcare issues, (BIA
  • Retention strategies other than salary, (NJMEP)  
  • Providing opportunities for growth, NJCCC
  • Look for opportunities to diversify your options and ideas (AACCNJ, SHCCNJ, NJPCCBest Buddies NJ)


  • NJ home rule means dealing with 1,000 different zoning laws and boards, (NJCM
  • Limited space calls for creativity. (EPA Brownfields)



  • Every time a business leaves NJ it lengthens the supply chain and weakens all of us. 
  • We need to share our stories and strategies to succeed. (NJFPA)

Unfortunately, the event fell on the same day as budget hearings in the legislature so not as many legislators were in attendance. NJMEP offered assistance in helping any manufacturers get connected with the legislators that need to hear your story.

Just a few NJ success stories to share:

  • NJ Food Manufacturers were well represented.
  • A small paper manufacturer looking for raw materials finding connections.
  • Legislators passionate about trade education.
  • Accredited apprenticeship programs offering an associate's degree.
  • Companies investing in their employees and seeing success.
  • Skillbridge “Hiring Our Heros” programs. Many veterans have the skills manufacturers need. 

The most frustrating comment was from a manufacturer who was being recruited by other states. They were asked if they had reached out to NJ to see if NJ could match the offer:

“Who would I ask? Where would I go?”

You Choose NJ for a reason. There are so many NJ navigators who want to help your NJ business survive and thrive. Find your NJ community today and get the support you deserve for your business.

Let us know what we missed and see you Tuesday at the NJFPA On The Road!


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