NJFPA Member Feedback

NJFPA Member Feedback

Thank you to everyone who contributed their feedback on our organization.  The board had a full day of reflection on the last few years and planning for the next. Our last board retreat was in 2019 and needless to say, a lot has changed since then. We will be sharing some of our conversations over the coming weeks. 

NJFPAs history, our roots, are founded in the personal relationships among our members. A group of processors and allies that respected each other and wanted to support each other to encourage industry growth in the garden state. 

S1E7 NJFPA Food Forum Podcast talks about making sure your values are articulated in your work.

"The whole goal is to clearly articulate those messages, put them out into the market, and then have someone repeat them back to you. You want to say this is why we're here, this is what we're about and then the audience will hear those things.

In all our conversations we tried to focus on 3 core questions.:

  • How does this help grow processor membership? 

  • How does this help build community? 

  • How does this help support the next generation of New Jersey food - start-ups, and careers?

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