NJMEP Manufacturing Day and Survey Results

What do YOU think is the most urgent issue facing NJ businesses?

Online and at our booth at the NJMEP Manufacturing Day Celebration we asked people to drop a business card in what they thought was the biggest challenge facing NJ businesses today. What should we be planning the annual NJFPA Conference around? (OK we did bribe them with a chance at Eagles / Flyers /Conference tickets. Winners to be announced shortly.) We asked them to choose between:

  1. Workforce
  2. Transportation / Logistics
  3. Agility (How can you plan when everything keeps changing!)
  4. Other

The winner by a landslide was workforce.

Even more important, were the conversations this question sparked. Instead of just repeating some basic info about each other's organization, visitors really started talking about their struggles and pain points. What they thought should happen to fix it. We watched booth visitors start connecting with each other in true NJFPA style.

Some of the other challenges listed were: small to medium co-packers, regulatory issues, working capital, and foreign competition.

Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts here or on social, or reach out to [email protected].

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