NJ Manufacturing Voucher Program

Need to Upgrade Your Equipment?

Did you miss EDA webinar on the new New Jersey Manufacturing Voucher Program (NJMVP) grant? Grants range between $7,500 and $250,000 and funding can be used to purchase equipment needed to improve operations. The NJMVP is designed to increase manufacturing production in New Jersey.

NJFPA member John McDaris of Garton's Rigging attended the NJEDA webinar and had these insights to share: 

"There is free money out there you just have to qualify for it and it does not sound too hard. They have a 1000-dollar application fee. The link for this is https://www.njeda.com/event/njeda-manufacturing-voucher-program

There is only 20 million dollars available in the grant and it sounds like first come first serve. So, people need to get their applications in quickly. I'm happy to chat if people have more questions and Garton's would be willing to offer introductory discounts for the installation of equipment."

Reach out to John by email or catch him at our next OTR.

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