Uniform Discounts

We have negotiated a significant discount with ARAMARK Uniform Services – a discount that provides the same savings usually reserved for larger companies. Just for NJFPA members.  

ARAMARK offers a national uniform service program, which has received awards for their HACCP compliant program, as well as a huge array of non-garment items such as mats, mops, towels, and a complete line of hygiene products.  Best of all, ARAMARK is committed to providing all NJFPA members with the prices they offer to national customers and their agreement provides a performance guaranty clause, that we specifically negotiated, and fair fixed rates.

ARAMARK will, in the next several months, make contact with you to assess your needs and see how to best serve you. Only NJFPA members can receive this pricing and service agreement, which provides real value for your membership in the Association. They have also committed to assisting solicitation of new members.   We negotiated these benefits as a service to our members and there is no financial benefit whatsoever for NJFPA. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact ARAMARK’s Jefrey Peterson at 410-598-3127 or [email protected]