Upcoming Programs
with the NJFPA

Wednesday, June 3rd - Fast Wins... This is What Fast Looks Like
Tune in at 1 PM ET

Severino Pasta Company and Whitepenny have teamed up for a decade to develop a brand that supports a culture of innovation through rapid development of new products and multi-channel distribution to consumers.

We all hope for a fast, full recovery from COVID-19. Despite our hopes, we must also prepare our businesses for all likely recovery scenarios. How do you position your company to weather the turbulence of the next 6-18 months? The answer: move fast and embrace digital transformation. Food processors must shift to building authentic, resilient brands that are digitally flexible, distribution adaptive, and consumer-experience first.

Presented by: Peter Severino, President (Severino Pasta Company)  
                         Jon Cofsky, Founder/Managing Member (Whitepenny)

Friday, May 22nd - Business Continuity and Succession Planning with Jay McCumber
(The Emporia Group)

Join us for a virtual discussion about business continuity and succession planning -- key concepts in any business, especially family business systems. How corporate and relational culture is forged, developed, and guarded determines the degree to which continuity and succession processes can truly empower leaders.

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Tuesday, May 12th - Returning to the "New Normal" 

The dialogue will explore how to reintegrate our workforce to office and field settings with sustainable work practices that provide for the safest work environment and reduce the potential of introducing or transmitting an infectious disease among team members, our clients and agency partners.

Presented By: Philip Paulachok, MS, CSP (Eastern Alliance Insurance Group)
                          Shawn Knechtel, ARM, CIC (Smith Brothers Insurance)

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May 7th - Fireside Chat with Howard Dorman (Mazars USA)

Howard will share his perspectives on the changes going on in the food processing industry as we navigate COVID-19, share metrics that you should be keeping an eye on, and lean on his 40+ years of industry perspective to answer your questions.

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