Worker's Compensation - Sustain

Sustain just entered its 6th year and now has $2,500,000 (and growing) in annualized workers’ compensation insurance premium, generated from 14 NJ and PA businesses.  Eastern Alliance Insurance works directly with Shawn Knechtel and the Widerman & Company team to manage the program.  Each policy holder has a Service Plan in place where work exposures are assessed and safety management efforts are applied to minimize the potential of future losses.  Claims management and consistent professional engagement with customers has been a key focus of the program while working to assist injured workers and managing the costs associated with workers’ compensation claims. 

We are very proud of the fact that while we have seen a number of challenging claims in the program, Sustain remains viable and our policy holders are being rewarded with a stable workers’ compensation partner.  All Sustain participants are committed to safety, return to work / modified duty programs for injured workers and to the long term success of the workers’ compensation program.

Sustain is a NJ Food Processors Association Member Benefit.  The workers’ compensation insurance program is available to both processing and associate members that qualify.  For more information, please contact Shawn Knechtel, Director of NJ Region for Widerman & Company and the exclusive program manager for Sustain; 856-874-8644 or [email protected]